Umton Barvy

 Umton Barvy – Summary:

The only animal derived ingredient to be found in Umton’s artistic oil colours, tempera gouache and watercolours is PBk9 /Amorphous Carbon/ Bone Black in several colours (see attached PDF lists and colour listings on their website for more information).

At this time, there is no further information whether this applies only to the finished products or manufacturing cycle as well.

Company cruelty-free status : undisclosed

Umton website

Umton: chemical composition

Composition of Colours – list received Feb 2021

Colour Index Numbers – received in Feb 2021

source: mail contact

2021: updated cruelty-free and vegan-friendly guidelines PDF

Here is my 2021 updated information sheet with guidelines for a cruelty-free company and vegan-friendly and vegetarian-friendly products, which I send out to companies.

At your disposal:

English Version (PDF)

German Version (PDF)

I have resumed sending out enquiries to update and broaden my compendium.

All the best,



New enquiries sent out: Faber-Castell, Umton, St. Petersberg watercolours, Nevskaya Palitra

New product  enquiries sent out to:

  • Faber-Castell
  • Umton
  • St. Petersburg watercolours (White Nights; English branch)
  • Nevskaya Palitra

To all, who have sent enquiries to me about companies (and products) that I have yet to contact: I have not forgotten any of you, I will pick up where I left off. Thank you for your patience.


Derivan watercolours not free of animal derivatives

Derivan Watercolours: some contain oxgall and several a small amount of honey.

Thank you, Freia, for informing me about this matter. I checked the Derivan watercolour information sheet  – and sure enough, it states there,  that in some colours oxgall is an additive.

I don’t know whether they changed the formula or it was overlooked in April 2018, when I contacted the brand.  Back then, the only animal ingredients in their products was ‘ivory black’ in only the Matisse range (ingredient :charred bones).

Please always check – double check the products you are interested in, better be precautious than sorry later on.

The oldest information you can find here will date back to 2017. A lot can change within three years, e.g. ingredients of products.  I am grateful to you for notifying me about changes you spotted.


Source: reader mail; Derivan website; Derivan mail contact, April 2018





Sadly, Colors of Nature closed down

Dear watercolour people,

sadly, I just found out that  Colors of Nature closed down. The cruelty-free Canadian company that flew under an ethical and environmentally conscious flag, manufactured and offered only vegan-friendly products ranging from watercolours,  and oil paints in artist quality, … over to brushes, glass mullers and more. I feel as though I am writing an obituary and in a way I am. What a plight for our small world of vegan art supplies. Which leaves us with no more natural, eco-friendly oil paints ;and brands that offer non-pencil watercolours halved. I introduced the company on here in 2017. In all my correspondence with Lori Stryker and Mark, they were nothing but accommodating and nice. – I am sorry to see this business go, farewell Colors of Nature.

Source: website

Kaia Natural Watercolor


Hello there,

I bring lovely watercolour news (especially to Europeans)! Kaia Natural Watercolor is a cruelty-free company based in the Netherlands, offering all vegan, 100% natural, plastic-free, non-toxic, highly pigmented watercolour of professional artist quality and highest lightfastness. What a mouth full. They come in ten different shades . They are available as single pans or in a set of all ten.

Source: mail contact; website


Still no news about Arteza

Hi everyone,

unfortunately I have yet to receive word from Arteza. I have contacted them three times to no avail.

I know some of you have written to the company and received positive replies, of their products being vegan and not tested on animals.

Unfortunately a product being not tested on animals does not necessarily mean the raw materials weren’t and does not automatically correlate with the company being cruelty-free, the company not commissioning animal testing elsewhere, or the raw material suppliers not testing on animals.

The product being vegan, does not automatically mean no animal derivatives were used in the manufacturing process.

Everyone of course makes their own decision on “how vegan and cruelty-free” a product and company have to be. And maybe the information given by Arteza to you is acceptable.

I sent them my information sheet on how I assess these topics. They decided not to reply for more than one year. This leads me to note “declined to reply” in my compendium.

I am verry sorry for all, that hoped for some clarity here about Arteza. I always hope for the best and to be able to add a new company for you on here, but I guess they might just not be interested.

Thank you Sidra, for writing to me about this.

Again, I want to mention here, that momentarily I cannot reply to your messages via mail, but will answer your questions here, in hope you find my reply. Please don’t think I purposely overview any correspondence.


source: mail contact

Spraypaints so far… also airbrushable inks

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you a heads-up, at the moment, outlook won’t let me send emails out,but receiving them still works.

I mention this because I am not able to reply to your messages. So I reply here and hope you will find it and don’t think I overlooked your mail.

Thank you Ben, for writing in about spraypaints.  I didn’t have really success so far, but will start a new round of inquiries as soon as I can send mails again.

Here are the companies, I’ve written to(I can’t remember if its all of them):

  • Molotow (March 2017) declined to reply
  • Ghiant (March 2017) declined to reply
  • Montana (2017) website didn’t accept inquiry multiple times
  • Amsterdam/Royal Talens declined to reply/ no interest
  • Motip Dupli (March 2017): declined to reply
  • Pébéo (Feb 2018): declined to reply
  • Schmincke :according to the ingredients information sheet I received in March 2017, their Aero Colors Professional (Airbrush) are completely free of animal ingredients; they don’t test and don’t commission animal testing – however, they cannot confirm that  their raw material suppliers (e.g. Bayer) and subsuppliers are free of animal testing.
  • Edding: don’t test on animals and don’t commission others to do so, cannot guarantee that their raw materials are completely free of animal derivatives;
  • LIQUITEX: cruelty-free spraypaints and airbrushable acrylic inks -> All Paints, with the exception of the colour Ivory Black , are vegan-friendly  !!!

(Compendium )


 vegan-friendly airbrushable inks (cruelty-free brands):

Souce: Mail contact

Hope you see this Ben; to Helen and Stephanie: I haven’t forgotten about you; once outlook is up and running again, I’ll send out inquiries.