Golden Paints

manufacturer: Golden Paints

labels: Golden Paints (arylics), Williamsburg Oils (oils paints which contain honey), Qor Watercolors

cruelty-free status: the company itself does not test on animals but the raw materials are not free of animal testing, see their statement here;

products: not clear whether the given information solely applies to the finished products or the manufacturing cycle as well;

Golden Acrylicslist of ingredients containing animal derivatives

Williamsburg Oils (in 2017 listed here as vegetarian-friendly) oil paints : do contain beeswax, other animal derived ingredients: PbK9 (carbonized cattle bone) in Ivory Black, Payne’s Grey, Cold Black; size: rabbit skin glue (rabbit collagen)

Qor Watercolours: animal derived ingredient is PbK9 in Ivory Black; see their statement here

source: mail contact, websites Golden Paints, Williamsburg Oils and Qor Watercolors

Here is my new enquiry information sheet I sent out to all companies as of August 2022.

New enquiries sent out to …

Some of you wanted information about the following brands (here you find my information sheet I send to all the companies):

  • Claire Fontaine, Rhodia; an almost two hours nightmare of trying to get any enquiry through , searching contact information, all filled in forms (different countries) declined multiple times each. I thankfully finally got one email through (fingers crossed if it doesn’t get filtered out), all thanks to a reader’s  information
  • Golden Paints: updates for Golden Paints, Williamsburg Oils and Qor watercolours
  • Simply Gilded : about washi tape and stickers
  • Archer Paper
  • Hobonichi


Inquiries sent out to:

Here is an update on inquiries  sent out:


Here is my compendium :


Source: Mail contact

Qor Watercolors except Bone Black

Manufacturer: Golden Paints


  • all Qor Watercolors, except Bone Black
  • Synthetic Ox Gall
  • Lift Aid
  • all Watercolor Mediums
  • all Watercolor Grounds

All of Golden Paints’ Gels, Mediums and Pastes are vegan-friendly.

Here is the information about Golden Paints, which you can  already find in the compendium and here:


  • All Golden Paints’ acrylic products including mediums and varnishes

with the exception of:

Bone Black, Jenkins Green, Neutral Gray 2, Neutral Gray 3, Neutral Gray 4, Neutral Gray 5, Neutral Gray 6, Neutral Gray 7, Neutral Gray 8, Prussian Blue Hue, Terre Verte Hue, FLUID Bone Black, FLUID Jenkins Green, FLUID Prussian Blue Hue, MATTE FLUID Jenkins Green, MATTE Bone Black, MATTE Jenkins Green, HLA Bone Black, OPEN Bone Black, OPEN Jenkins Green



  • Williamsburg Oil Paints, except Ivory BlackCold Black and Payne’s Grey


Source: Mail contact