Golden Paints

manufacturer: Golden Paints

labels: Golden Paints (arylics), Williamsburg Oils (oils paints which contain honey), Qor Watercolors

cruelty-free status: the company itself does not test on animals but the raw materials are not free of animal testing, see their statement here;

products: not clear whether the given information solely applies to the finished products or the manufacturing cycle as well;

Golden Acrylicslist of ingredients containing animal derivatives

Williamsburg Oils (in 2017 listed here as vegetarian-friendly) oil paints : do contain beeswax, other animal derived ingredients: PbK9 (carbonized cattle bone) in Ivory Black, Payne’s Grey, Cold Black; size: rabbit skin glue (rabbit collagen)

Qor Watercolours: animal derived ingredient is PbK9 in Ivory Black; see their statement here

source: mail contact, websites Golden Paints, Williamsburg Oils and Qor Watercolors

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