Still no news about Arteza

Hi everyone,

unfortunately I have yet to receive word from Arteza. I have contacted them three times to no avail.

I know some of you have written to the company and received positive replies, of their products being vegan and not tested on animals.

Unfortunately a product being not tested on animals does not necessarily mean the raw materials weren’t and does not automatically correlate with the company being cruelty-free, the company not commissioning animal testing elsewhere, or the raw material suppliers not testing on animals.

The product being vegan, does not automatically mean no animal derivatives were used in the manufacturing process.

Everyone of course makes their own decision on “how vegan and cruelty-free” a product and company have to be. And maybe the information given by Arteza to you is acceptable.

I sent them my information sheet on how I assess these topics. They decided not to reply for more than one year. This leads me to note “declined to reply” in my compendium.

I am verry sorry for all, that hoped for some clarity here about Arteza. I always hope for the best and to be able to add a new company for you on here, but I guess they might just not be interested.

Thank you Sidra, for writing to me about this.

Again, I want to mention here, that momentarily I cannot reply to your messages via mail, but will answer your questions here, in hope you find my reply. Please don’t think I purposely overview any correspondence.


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