Derivan’s cruelty-free statement

Thank you to my reader M, for letting me know that Derivan have their cruelty-free statement now up on their website.

Here you can find Derivan’s statement.

Derivan’s statement – screenshot April 1st, 2024

Source: reader mail; Derivan website

Derivan’s listing in my compendium.

Derivan watercolours not free of animal derivatives

Derivan Watercolours: some contain oxgall and several a small amount of honey.

Thank you, Freia, for informing me about this matter. I checked the Derivan watercolour information sheet  – and sure enough, it states there,  that in some colours oxgall is an additive.

I don’t know whether they changed the formula or it was overlooked in April 2018, when I contacted the brand.  Back then, the only animal ingredients in their products was ‘ivory black’ in only the Matisse range (ingredient :charred bones).

Please always check – double check the products you are interested in, better be precautious than sorry later on.

The oldest information you can find here will date back to 2017. A lot can change within three years, e.g. ingredients of products.  I am grateful to you for notifying me about changes you spotted.


Source: reader mail; Derivan website; Derivan mail contact, April 2018





Spraypaints so far… also airbrushable inks

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you a heads-up, at the moment, outlook won’t let me send emails out,but receiving them still works.

I mention this because I am not able to reply to your messages. So I reply here and hope you will find it and don’t think I overlooked your mail.

Thank you Ben, for writing in about spraypaints.  I didn’t have really success so far, but will start a new round of inquiries as soon as I can send mails again.

Here are the companies, I’ve written to(I can’t remember if its all of them):

  • Molotow (March 2017) declined to reply
  • Ghiant (March 2017) declined to reply
  • Montana (2017) website didn’t accept inquiry multiple times
  • Amsterdam/Royal Talens declined to reply/ no interest
  • Motip Dupli (March 2017): declined to reply
  • Pébéo (Feb 2018): declined to reply
  • Schmincke :according to the ingredients information sheet I received in March 2017, their Aero Colors Professional (Airbrush) are completely free of animal ingredients; they don’t test and don’t commission animal testing – however, they cannot confirm that  their raw material suppliers (e.g. Bayer) and subsuppliers are free of animal testing.
  • Edding: don’t test on animals and don’t commission others to do so, cannot guarantee that their raw materials are completely free of animal derivatives;
  • LIQUITEX: cruelty-free spraypaints and airbrushable acrylic inks -> All Paints, with the exception of the colour Ivory Black , are vegan-friendly  !!!

(Compendium )


 vegan-friendly airbrushable inks (cruelty-free brands):

Souce: Mail contact

Hope you see this Ben; to Helen and Stephanie: I haven’t forgotten about you; once outlook is up and running again, I’ll send out inquiries.



Inquiries sent out to:

Here is an update on inquiries  sent out:


Here is my compendium :


Source: Mail contact

Derivan – vegan-friendly products

Australia based  Derivan  is a cruelty-free company with an array of different products.

Except the one colour Ivory Black in the Matisse range, all Derivan and Matisse branded paints are vegan-friendly!

Here: you can find all of their products, e.g. cadmium-free acrylics, different types of acrylics, acrylic based inks, mediums, screen ink, block ink, watercolour, fabric paint, face and body paint, glitter glue, liquid pencil, …

Matisse is Derivan’s professional acrylics range:

Source: Mail contact