Derivan – vegan-friendly products

Australia based  Derivan  is a cruelty-free company with an array of different products.

Except the one colour Ivory Black in the Matisse range, all Derivan and Matisse branded paints are vegan-friendly!

Here: you can find all of their products, e.g. cadmium-free acrylics, different types of acrylics, acrylic based inks, mediums, screen ink, block ink, watercolour, fabric paint, face and body paint, glitter glue, liquid pencil, …

Matisse is Derivan’s professional acrylics range:

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Cruelty-free companies offering vegan-friendly products:

This is a list of  cruelty-free companies and the vegan-friendly products they offer. If you don’t find the company you are looking for in this list, please enter the company name in the search box to see their status. If you still can’t find the specific company you are looking for, please let me know, so that I can contact them.

Cheers,    Anja (Ansho)

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Products by C.Kreul

Manufacturer: C.Kreul

I inquired about following products.

These here, are vegan friendly:

  • Javana fabric paints
  • Javana Textil Potch
  • Javana texi mäx glitter, opak and sunny
  • Javana Phantom Pen
  • Javana Laundry Marker
  • Kreul Textil Liner
  • Hobby Line Acrylic Gloss, Satin and Matt Varnish
  • Hobby Line Art Potch (Varnish & Glue)
  • Hobby Line Foto Transfer Potch
  • Hobby Line Gemstone Glue
  • Solo Goya Glossy Varnish (Picture Varnish; Gemäldefirnis)
  • Solo Goya Matt Varnish (Picture Varnish; Gemäldefirnis)
  • Solo Goya Fixative
  • Solo Goya Acrylic Paints
  • Solo Goya Art Acryl Basic
  • Solo Goya Triton Acrylic Paint Marker
  • Kreul Pic Tixx Pens, with the exception of Pic Tixx Candle Pens, those are vegetarian friendly


And Following products are vegetarian friendly:

-Kreul Pic Tixx Candle pens

-Chalky chalk paint

-Solo Goya Triton Acylic Paints (several colours are only vegetarian      friendly)

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Glue products by UHU

Manufacturer: UHU

All glue products:
Patafix, double sided tapes,
Model building adhesives, double sided tapes and strips, Home & Office Tapes, Repair Tapes,
Mounting & Construction Adhesives, adhesive, wood glues, contact adhesives, paper glues,
Special adhesives, super glues, epoxy adhesives,
Alleskleber, Papierklebstoffe, Streichkleber, Bastelkleber, Glitzer Keber, Klebstoffpatronen, doppelseitige Klebebänder und Strips, UHU Patafix, Klebepads, Sekundenkleber, 2 Komponenten Klebstoffe, Spezialklebstoffe, Modellbauklebestoffe, Klebepistolen, Klebe-Film, Reparatur Klebeband,
Montage- und Konstruktionsklebestoffe, Holzleime, Kontaktkleber,


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All glue products by UHU are vegan friendly.
UHU offers a wide range of different glue types, e.g. crafting clue, glitter glue,
glue sticks for your hot glue gun, double sided tapes, Patafix, glue pads and glue sticks.
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