Derivan watercolours not free of animal derivatives

Derivan Watercolours: some contain oxgall and several a small amount of honey.

Thank you, Freia, for informing me about this matter. I checked the Derivan watercolour information sheet  – and sure enough, it states there,  that in some colours oxgall is an additive.

I don’t know whether they changed the formula or it was overlooked in April 2018, when I contacted the brand.  Back then, the only animal ingredients in their products was ‘ivory black’ in only the Matisse range (ingredient :charred bones).

Please always check – double check the products you are interested in, better be precautious than sorry later on.

The oldest information you can find here will date back to 2017. A lot can change within three years, e.g. ingredients of products.  I am grateful to you for notifying me about changes you spotted.


Source: reader mail; Derivan website; Derivan mail contact, April 2018