Looking for encaustic wax free of animal derivatives

Hello there,

today I am asking you for advice. A reader approached me about vegan encaustic wax, an alternative to beeswax. I never stumbled upon it so far. I do know that soy wax gets used as alternative in candles, but would it work for encaustic? Could you use soy wax and colour it with melted crayons e.g. Caran d’Ache’s Neocolor I s  (except 028) or Faber-Castell’s  studio oil pastels? Is that a thing? Could you McGuyver it like this?

What wax would work as encaustic substitute to beeswax?

I only know of soy wax in candles and in cosmetics of candelilla, carnauba, berry wax and there is also sunflower wax.

If anyone here knows about a brand that offers vegan encaustic wax or if you have your own experiences with it, I would like to hear from you.