Winsor & Newton Update

Winsor and Newton information  – status: December 2024

Summary of Winsor & Newton and Colart’s response:

Some of Winsor & Newton’s products contain animal derived ingredients, such as their Ox gall medium.

The majority of their raw materials do not contain animal derivatives, however they cannot guarantee for their products to be completely free of animal derivatives, if animal based raw materials are present at the manufacturing site or raw materials come into contact with material of  animal based origins in the supply chain.

For this reason, they cannot confirm any of their products to be certified “vegan-friendly”/ being completely free of animal derivatives.

The paint industry in the EU and UK do not test products on animals, though chemicals for all chemical products may have been tested historically due to EU and UK regulations.

Finished products are never tested on animals. Hazardous classification is determined through available information.

They are in the process of gathering  information on their supply chain of all their products’ formulations to be able to classify some of their products to be free of animal derivatives /vegan-friendly in the future.

Source: mail contact

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