enquiries sent out and more: Papermate, Uniball, Winsor & Newton

  • Dec 7th 2023, enquiry sent to Winsor & Newton for an update; last contacted in 2017
  • Dec 7th, enquiry sent to Papermate, or more accurately I filled in the contact form and either it went through or not; it was not conclusive, though I tried several times.
Papermate’s stance on animal testing – Dec 7th, 2023

on their website I found out, that they are a Newell brand, and you’ll find their stance on animal testing in their FAQ  list.

Direct quote from Papermate’s list of FAQs as of Dec 7th, 2023 :

“As a leading manufacturer of quality products, great care is put into the type of ingredients and formulations we use. Like you, we are also concerned about animal testing. Every effort is made to avoid such practices. While we do our best, we cannot guarantee that some of the third-party, indirect suppliers are as sensitive to this issue as we are. We do however strongly encourage our direct suppliers to work with their partners to avoid these practices.”


  • Uniball / Mitsubishi have so far ( since 2017) declined to comment and since then also declined to reply to product information enquiries.


You find my information sheet, I send out to all the companies, here.

Finally, here you will find my 2017 post on company family trees, which mentions Newell brands.


sources: company websites, mail contact