Holbein update : no changes

I initially contacted Holbein back in 2017 and now did so again, to see whether there might have been some changes to make  their coloured pencils ingredients now suitable. Unfortunately, it hasn’t changed. Back then I was informed of the use of animal fats to disperse the pigments. As of now, they cannot give any guarantee.

No further information was disclosed.


So here is my up to date listing for my compendium:

manufacturer: Holbein

currently no products free of animal derivatives available

cruelty-free level: no information disclosed


I am sorry about the disappointing news. I hope there will be changed in the future and I will circle back to them in some years.

source: mail contact

New batch of inquiries send out

I started to send out inquiries again since yesterday.

Holbein US contacted me about information discrepancies concerning the information I got from Holbein Japan last year, so we will see how that is going to work out.

I wrote to :

  • Prima Marketing Inc.
  • Maimeri
  • Nevskaya Palitra
  • Tritart
  • Castle Art Supplies
  • Shuttle Art

I tried to contact Ohuhu, BUT trying to get on their main website and website/customer support triggered my computer virus protection programme. NOBODY TRY THE OHUHU WEBSITE IT’S INFECTED WITH A TROJAN ! That is what one gets for trying to get product information.

I will contact more companies, hopefully a bunch per day.


Information from last year’s correspondence with Holbein Japan: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/22/brands-companies-update/