New batch of inquiries send out

I started to send out inquiries again since yesterday.

Holbein US contacted me about information discrepancies concerning the information I got from Holbein Japan last year, so we will see how that is going to work out.

I wrote to :

  • Prima Marketing Inc.
  • Maimeri
  • Nevskaya Palitra
  • Tritart
  • Castle Art Supplies
  • Shuttle Art

I tried to contact Ohuhu, BUT trying to get on their main website and website/customer support triggered my computer virus protection programme. NOBODY TRY THE OHUHU WEBSITE IT’S INFECTED WITH A TROJAN ! That is what one gets for trying to get product information.

I will contact more companies, hopefully a bunch per day.


Information from last year’s correspondence with Holbein Japan:

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