all the “vegan” labelling but no replies …

Today I looked back into companies, I had written to in the beginning of this year and also in November of last year (2021);

They label (still do so, I checked) their products as “vegan” or “vegan-friendly” on their websites, in their catalogues or even on the product packaging but fail to reply, when asked about further information. Do they mean the whole product, or just for example the ink in a pen (see my 2022 Guidelines: cruelty-fee and vegan-friendly art supplies for reference; and this is my 2021 information sheet, which the companies in question received). Do they mean just the finished product or do they include the manufacturing cycle. And those are just details for the term “vegan”; then there is the whole cruelty-free status /animal testing topic, which makes a lot of companies uncomfortable, when asked about; so they just do the most convenient thing: ignore your enquiry. Which is a pity as well as bad customer service. I am not suggesting it was why the companies choose not to reply in these cases.

Companies that I, as of August 2022, have categorized as ‘declined to reply’  – after over 6 months to almost a year not responding:

  • Fabriano (for an update;  now label a couple of products as vegan-friendly on their website)
  • da Vinci Defet (for an update; label some of their products vegan online)
  • Léonard /Bullier brushes (brushes labelled as vegan in their online catalogue)
  • Etchr Lab (vegan-friendly labelled products on their website)
  • Strathmore (for an update)

source: websites; non-existing company replies

more enquiries sent out

Hello there,

I have sent out more enquiries to companies, concerning updating their profile on here;because they brought out new products . There are also companies I have written to for the first time.

Here is the lot of them:

  • I wrote to Faber-Castell about their brushes (update), their new neon markers and their new white-as-snow marker and their blackout marker.

You find a list of Faber-Castell’s products here.

  • I wrote to Etchr (Etchr Lab) for the first time
  • I wrote again to Mon Marte
  • I wrote to Gelli Arts for an update
  • I wrote to Léonard (brush manufacturer) because they brought out brush sets labelled “vegan”
  • to Coliro (Finetec Pearlcolors) for an update
  • to da Vinci (Defet; brush manufacturer) for an update

I think those are all at the moment that I’ve written.

Although I am working my way through updating all my entries (please bear in mind that if I didn’t attach any date to an entry in the compendium, the information could reach back as far as 2017), I am open to hearing from you any companies you want me to write to. I’ll put them first. I know what time of year it is and if you are looking present-wise for your wishlist or someone else, or just because you need to let out your creativity, tell me about the company (maybe mention what product range as well, if they offer many); of course we need also to factor in the time it can take a company to reply. So the sooner, the better.

You reach me here