Today I wrote again to Daniel Smith, Kuretake, Viarco and  Sennelier.   I did not stop looking out for our vegan friendly products, but I waited and hoped to have heard back by now from several companies.

Since there are a lot of different brands and companies around the globe, I am also happy if you want to let me know about a brand or company that I did not mention or thought of before here(https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/04/28/big-overview-so-far-end-of-april/) and I will write to them. I also looked through Etsy last month and wrote down a couple of Etsy shops selling their own inks and also brand names from different countries, e.g. Lithuania. I am still a bit hesitant because I don’t want to release “vegan hell” on single indivuals making art supplies in small amounts.

I hope there will be new company updates soon,