Last week I wrote again to Viarco (Art Graf), Daniel Smith, Sennelier, Kuretake and also again to Weber Art (Mijello). So far I got one reply from Viarco that  my further inquiry will get passed on and Kuretake wrote back about a couple of products, but I inquired further information about not only the actual and end product being vegan and cruelty free but whether the cruelty free part applies to the company and not just to several products. I did send my definition of a product being vegan but I also don’t know whether they only mean the actual product or the whole manufacturing process as well. Whenever I think it is just a matter of small formalities and a couple of days to get the right information to pass on to you and I am one step away from the finish line of the whole process, a gust of wind comes in and I land where I started.  Months ago it seemed as though I could give you the facts for Art Graf and Kuretake in an instant, and then I did not hear back till I wrote again last week. The many other companies which decided to not even bother to reply that they are not interested in art supplies free of animal derivatives and cruelty, they just could have answered “no interest at the moment” which I mention in my inquiries as an option. And for the companies not to answer, although I mentioned specific products that I own, and wanted the information for them, that is not just rude, but also bad/ nonexistent customer service. Since I sent out all my inquiries to all the different companies, it has already been over three months, so I don’t think there will be any other replies from all of those.




I know the process of getting product information has slowed down so much, but I hope I will still get some bits of information from time to time.


Here is my list again from end of April 2017, nothing has changed much but Canson moved from the “did not reply” category to not being vegan friendly or cruelty free.





Source: Mail Contact