Pilot’s reply

Finally one of Pilot’s branches replied to my enquiry.

Pilot Australia got back to me. They had forwarded my enquiry to their headquarters in Japan, which gave the statement that they are not able to give any information about products being free of animal derivatives. The topic of the cruelty-free status was not touched upon.

So this is the new compendium entry:

status: October 3rd,2021

Pilot Pen,

cruelty-free status: undisclosed

products free of animal derivatives: no information disclosed (by choice)


Source: mail contact



Charvin not vegan-friendly

Unfortunately the brand Charvin is not vegan-friendly. After an initial short reply implying that the oils could be vegan, I asked about more details and highlighted parts in my information sheet about what vegan-friendly and cruelty-free are. After this I got the  reply that  they meant to say “they can’t be”. The reply does not hold the clue  to what it applied; to the vegan part or the cruelty-free part or both. I think they probably read the information sheet more properly after my second inquiry and then had to say no.  Nevertheless they did reply, which I  appreciate even if it is just to know that their products are not suitable for vegan-friendly minded people.

I contacted more companies, but haven’t heard back yet and it is probably fair to say, they won’t reply at all. If brands I contacted already over a year ago and now for a second time over a month + ago show no response, they just won’t.

I fill you in with the new batch of companies I wrote to in the next post and in the meantime will contact more companies.


Source: Mail contact