Copics update concerning MSDS

Too Marker Products Inc has informed me, that it is their understanding, their raw material suppliers do not test on animals. The Material Safety Data Sheets, provided by the raw material suppliers, are based on chemical substance data that is provided by  each country or governmental institution.

The previous gathered information about Too Marker Products Inc (Copics)is that they do not test on animals in their facilities nor commission other parties to do so.

Since countries’ regulations concerning material safety varies,  insitutions such as ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) can enforce animal testing, if they deem it necessary.  On the other hand, many chemical substances have been already tested decades ago in such ways and the data is already in the system.

Unless a company can give  clear information about the Material Safety Data Sheets, there is no guarantee for either direction being free or not free of such testing in recent time (the last couple of decades).


Source: mail contact