Louvre Watercolour not vegan

I wrote to Colart about Lefranc & Bourgeois’ Louvre watercolour range. I recently got their reply and unfortunately the Louvre watercolour paints are not vegan-friendly.

Colart wrote to me last year that they  started to collect information for a vegan-friendly list of Lefranc & Bourgeois products and are going to send it to me once it is finished.  They are also working on the information for Winsor & Newton, Reeves and Conté à Paris.

Another of Colart’s brands is Liquitex. Liquitex is already listed in my compendium and here: Veganartstuff Post

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Colart’s statement of March 2017: Colart Veg-Friendly Statement March22_ 2017

Source: Mail contact