Printer Ink debacle

Hi everyone,

I was asked very recently about printer ink / cartridges free of animal derivatives. Unfortunately, back in 2017, both Epson and Canon declined to reply to my enquiries.

So, if big companies are out of the question, because they don’t even bother about this topic we have to look at cartridge dupes that will fit our printers.

Nowadays, there are even printers with built-in tanks/ reservoirs on the market, that do not need cartridges; but of course that doesn’t take away from the same hassle printer ink -wise. There is no guarantee that the manufacturers of alternative cartridges will reply either, but if you find a match for your printer in your country, don’t hesitate to use my information sheet to send to those companies, to get the information you need.

I also wrote to Edding in 2017; of course four years have already passed by now, and even then the company could not guarantee that their products have not been polluted with animal derived ingredients on raw material supplier level; the products generally shouldn’t contain any animal based derivatives and they do not test on animals nor commission other parties to do so. Again, this is four year old information.

You should look into print companies and printer ink makers in your country or state … There are actually more eco friendly print companies popping up. Those use at least vegetable based inks, or you can ask them what kind of ink they use.

I actually stumbled over Zazzle offering vegan prints and posters searching for suitable print shops. I do not know the details, but if you are looking to sell prints of your artwort, you could look into that offer.

In the case of my reader, who is located in New Zealand, I found following companies , that might be worth looking into, if you are New Zealand based :

For further information  (whether they are cruelty-free and completely free of animal derivatives) you should contact them, if those sound like fitting your printing /ink needs.


Source: mail contact