Attention: fake Canson Mails

Yesterday I received a Canson mail, which seemed very odd, titled “IMPORTANT DOC” in all caps, and told me about a change of agreements and I should head to their cloud and download the document. They really tried to make it like a real Canson Mail, with website links to click on etc., but the email address was so long, repeating “Canson” and a Name over and over again (like a sentence long). I clicked on the adress to see more information. Suddenly it was a very short email adress, without “Canson” in the adress at all. I copied the short adress and pasted it into google. It was an address connected to a factory in Bangladesh.

So I wrote real Canson via their real website, that I think they got hacked and the content of the fake mail. Today they replied that this is correct, there has been a hacking incident,  YOU MUSTN’T CLICK ON THE LINK   and DELETE THE MESSAGE. So if you receive a weird Canson mail, or a Canson Mail out of the blue, just delete it!