Update: new inquiries sent out

I recently sent out inquiries to following companies:

  • Faber Castell, about their new water reservoir brush and their new inks
  • Kuretake, about the products in their Cartoonist inking set
  • Canon, about ink cartridges, toners and paper
  • Epson, about ink cartridges, toners and paper
  • Speedball Art, about dip pen holder and nibs, oblique holder and inks
  • William Mitchell, about dip pens, pen holders, nibs and inks
  • Leonardt for Hiro Leonardt calligraphy nibs and holders

Hopefully there will be some news soon.

Following calligraphy product companies  are momentarily not interested in catering to vegans or simply did never reply:

  • G.Lalo and Brause – no interest
  • Clairefontaine – no reply
  • Honsell Art – no reply
  • J.Herbin – no interest
  • Manuscript – no reply
  • Pilot – no reply
  • Cretacolor – no interest


Following companies are working on vegan friendly product lists: Lefranc&Bourgeois, Koh-I-Noor


If there are other calligraphy brands or printer ink ( and ink brand subsitutes) and paper brands out there, you are using or/and you want to know about their vegan friendly status, please let me know so I can contact them.                                                                     I am also happy to hear from you about every other art/crafting related brand you want to know this about, whether they produce your typical art supplies, paper, glue, varnish, … .



Source: mail contact

Company update: Copic

Company: Too Marker Products inc. (for Copic Alcohol Markers and Paper)

Too Marker Products answered my inquiry only partially and I would have had to ask further questions, but they also wrote, that the information is not for public disclosure.   The conclusion : the Copic Markers will not be added to my vegan-friendly list.


Source: Mail contact

Company update: Winsor&Newton

I received the first replies to my vegan friendly (alcohol) marker inquiries.

Since Winsor&Newton’s acquisition of the Letraset Marker was fairly new and their information sheet existed exactly in its same form before that, I put this concern in my mail. Colart replied for Winsor&Newton that they are checking their supply chain for animal derivative contamination of the raw material. However, Winsor&Newton and Colart are cruelty-free and Colart confirms that chemically the majority of the raw materials used, is free of animal derivatives.

Here is said information sheet : Winsor Newton Animal derived ingredients list


Source: Mail contact

Alcohol brush marker and brush marker- inquiries sent out

Today I inquired about brush tip marker and (brush tip) alcohol marker. I have written to following brands:

-Too, Copic Marker and Paper

-Chameleon Marker

-ShinHanart, Touch Twin Marker

-Dick Blick Art Materials, Blick Marker

-Spectrum Noir, maybe they answer this time

-Winsor & Newton; Pro Marker, Brush Marker, Pigment Marker and Marker Paper – because their information sheet they always send out for this kind of inquiries is probably outdated and existed already before the acquisition of the  Letraset Marker range

– Sakura Color Product Corp. through Royal Talens, I inquired about the Koi and Pigma Range, especially about the the Koi Brush Pens, Pigma Brush and Pigma Calligrapher – I hope I get a response this time (contact form on official jp website does not work)

-Deleter, Neopiko Marker – I hope something goes through to them, the mail adress on their main website still does not work after all those months.

-Tombow Europe, I inquired about the ABT Dual Brush and the Mono Drawing range as well as the Blending Kit


I hope I get some answers soon!


Here are the two vegan friendly alcohol marker ranges I already mentioned:

-Delta Marker by Rotbart  https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/07/delta-marker/

-ZIG Kurecolor by Kuretake  https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/06/17/vegan-friendly-products-kuretake/


Source: Mail contact


Last week I wrote again to Viarco (Art Graf), Daniel Smith, Sennelier, Kuretake and also again to Weber Art (Mijello). So far I got one reply from Viarco that  my further inquiry will get passed on and Kuretake wrote back about a couple of products, but I inquired further information about not only the actual and end product being vegan and cruelty free but whether the cruelty free part applies to the company and not just to several products. I did send my definition of a product being vegan but I also don’t know whether they only mean the actual product or the whole manufacturing process as well. Whenever I think it is just a matter of small formalities and a couple of days to get the right information to pass on to you and I am one step away from the finish line of the whole process, a gust of wind comes in and I land where I started.  Months ago it seemed as though I could give you the facts for Art Graf and Kuretake in an instant, and then I did not hear back till I wrote again last week. The many other companies which decided to not even bother to reply that they are not interested in art supplies free of animal derivatives and cruelty, they just could have answered “no interest at the moment” which I mention in my inquiries as an option. And for the companies not to answer, although I mentioned specific products that I own, and wanted the information for them, that is not just rude, but also bad/ nonexistent customer service. Since I sent out all my inquiries to all the different companies, it has already been over three months, so I don’t think there will be any other replies from all of those.




I know the process of getting product information has slowed down so much, but I hope I will still get some bits of information from time to time.


Here is my list again from end of April 2017, nothing has changed much but Canson moved from the “did not reply” category to not being vegan friendly or cruelty free.





Source: Mail Contact


Today I wrote again to Daniel Smith, Kuretake, Viarco and  Sennelier.   I did not stop looking out for our vegan friendly products, but I waited and hoped to have heard back by now from several companies.

Since there are a lot of different brands and companies around the globe, I am also happy if you want to let me know about a brand or company that I did not mention or thought of before here(https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/04/28/big-overview-so-far-end-of-april/) and I will write to them. I also looked through Etsy last month and wrote down a couple of Etsy shops selling their own inks and also brand names from different countries, e.g. Lithuania. I am still a bit hesitant because I don’t want to release “vegan hell” on single indivuals making art supplies in small amounts.

I hope there will be new company updates soon,


company update: Canson

After over two months waiting, I got a reply from Canson today.

Canson: although their papers do not contain animal derivatives with the exception of Mi Teintes and Ingres Vidalon, they do not now about the glue and packaging and several dyes get tested on rabbits.

So Canson is neither completely vegan nor is it cruelty-free.

The reply came from Lyra, so I guess it is the German distributor of Canson. And it is funny that the Canson response came via Lyra, but my inquiry to Lyra about their brand’s products was politely overlooked. But if Canson and Lyra are from the same company, Lyra is probably not vegan friendly as well.


Source: Mail contact

Big Overview so far – End of April

 Vegan products available from following companies/manufacturers:


-Defet Manufactory, da Vinci Brushes (all synthetic brushes, except synthetic and natural blend brushes)

-Finetec (Finetec Pearlcolors)

-UHU (all glue products)

-C.Kreul (various paints and glues, varnish)

-Strathmore (all paper except Gemini Watercolour Paper)

-Liquitex (except the colour Ivory black)

-Colorfin (Pan Pastels)

-Gelli Arts (Gelli Plates)



-Royal Talens (Ecoline Brush Marker and Ecoline ink in jars)

-Hahnemühle (all FineArt paper products except Photo Silk Baryta and PastellFix.)

-Lana Beaux Arts (Paper)


-Golden Paints

-Fabriano (all papers, except Roma, Esportazione and Secolo XIII)

-Lascaux (all products except acrylic colour Resonance Black)

-Rotbart (Delta Marker –those are alcohol marker)

Winsor & Newton (vegan friendly data sheet not updated; several years old? – Update from Colart for Winsor Newton,July 11th, 2017: they are definately cruelty-free but they are currently checking the products because they cannot guarantee that the (raw) materials are not contaminated by animal derivatives.


To find the vegan friendly products from above companies please go to their individual entries:

Daler-Rowney: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/10/products-by-daler-rowney/

Rotbart Delta Marker: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/07/delta-marker/

Finetec Pearlcolors: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/07/finetec-perlcolors-perlglanzfarben/

UHU Glue: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/10/glue-products-by-uhu/

Pan Pastels https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/11/pan-pastels/

Gelli Arts Gelli Plates: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/11/gelli-plates/

Liquitex: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/13/all-liquitex-products-except-the-colour-ivory-black/

Lascaux: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/13/all-products-by-lascaux-except-the-acrylic-colour-resonance-black/

Strathmore Paper: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/24/strathmore-paper-products/

Derwent: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/17/vegan-friendly-products-by-derwent/

Ecoline by Royal Talens: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/17/ecoline-brush-pen-and-ecoline-ink-in-jars/

Faber-Castell: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/15/vegan-friendly-products-by-faber-castell/

Hahnemühle : https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/14/vegan-fine-art-paper-and-canvas-by-hahnemuhle/

Lana Beaux Arts distributed by Hahnemühle: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/14/vegan-fine-art-paper-and-canvas-by-hahnemuhle/

Schmincke: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/14/vegan-products-by-schmincke/

Da Vinci Defet: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/13/synthetic-brushes-by-da-vinci/

Golden Paints: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/13/acrylic-products-by-golden-paints-with-exceptions/

Fabriano Paper: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/13/all-products-by-fabriano-except-roma-esportazione-and-secolo-xiii/

Winsor & Newton :Winsor Newton Animal derived ingredients list  (information sheet preexists their acquisition of the Letraset markers)

C.Kreul: https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/04/18/products-by-c-kreul



Following companies were worried about the raw materials being contaminated by an animal source; however, I wander whether they were the only ones mentioning this, being concerned with this matter:

Edding: cruelty-free; they do not use animal ingredients in their products, including the nail lacquer

Staedtler: cruelty-free; they use beeswax in some products

Stabilo: (did not mention being cruelty-free) they do not use animal raw materials, such as fats and tallow



No further information/miscellaneous:

-Yupo Paper by Legionpaper: Yupo is entirely synthetic, but no information about the manufacturing process

Botz Glazes: Botz is a small business and although its own brand glazes could be considered vegan friendly (including cruelty free), they cannot guarantee this for the supply chain and the other products they sell.



These Companies don’t want to be mentioned, they are cruelty-free:

Caran d’Ache (they prefer individual customer inquiries, they do have some vegan friendly products, so do write to them)



Following Companies are in the process of building up vegan friendly product data, but because of their wide range of products, this can take 1 to 2 years:

  • Koh-I-Noor (most of their products should be suitable,except inks, animal hair brushes, and wax aquarelles.)
  • Colart for Conté à Paris, Winsor&Newton, Lefranc & Bourgeois, Reeves, and others. At the moment you can inquire for specific product information



For following companies it is a NO on vegan suitability, for some it might change in future:

  • Schjerning (paints)
  • Buttinette (paints and glues)
  • Arches (paper)
  • Stillman & Birn (paper)
  • St Cuthbert Mill (paper)
  • Waterstons Sealing Wax
  • Chartpak
  • Grumbacher
  • Cretacolor
  • Holbein
  • Herbin (inks and sealing wax; not interested in vegan products -> G-Lalo)
  • Brause (not interested in vegan products -> G-Lalo)
  • Havo (paints, e.g. brand Creall)
  • Lamy
  • Schneider Pens                                   


I am waiting for replies from following companies currently:

Marabu (various paints, including fabric paints)

Lukas (Lukas Cryl Studio); second try contacting


Viarco (Art Graf; graphite products)


These companies did not respond to further inquiries:

-Deco Art

-Viarco for Art Graf (still hope here for an important update)

-Winsor & Newton

-Daniel Smith

-Dc.Ph. Martin’s (Salis International Inc.)

-Colorfin for Sofft Sponges


-Elmer’s Glue (did not deliver sufficient information, that was the second try, so I gave up on them; Elmer’s is a Newell Brand, like Rotring and Uniball for those two I got no replies at all)


Contacting following companies did not work:

-Deleter & Deleter US; mail error, although I used the correct email addresses from their websites

-Montana (constant error on their website; it could not sent the inquiry; no extra mail address to be found)


 Following companies did never reply, so I read this as indifference towards the vegan art sector:


-Vang (paper and Jaxon oil pastels)

-Tsukineko (tried it twice; the person who informed me about the ink pads (back then just inquired about the product itself being vegan; and they were) years back probably does no longer work there and no reply by the second inquest to customer service)

-Lukas (I hope they respond the second time; I mean this time it is just one product range, that I own several products of, so I am a customer and I hope there will be a reply this time; years back they did verify me the Cryl Studio range except black being vegan (inquiry was about the product itself being free of animal derivatives; no extended inquiry about manufacturing process etc.) and I also inquired about Nerchau paint products that I own and owned (because except one (the Patina) all are dried out by now).

-Posca (marker)

Folia Bringmann (origami paper; coloured and patterned paper)

Rico Design (various paints & glues; fabric paint ink pads)

Spectrum Noir (alcohol marker and coloured pencils)


Blauweisschen (fabric paints and hand carved wooden stamps)

-Canson (paper)


-Uniball Mitsubishi (now owned by Newell Brands)


-Mitsubishi Pencils

-Motip Dupli (Dupli Color Spray Paint)

-Shin Han Art

-Cléopâtre (French glue)

-Viva Décor


-Old Holland

-Weber Art (Mijello watercolor paint)



-Eberhard Faber

-Deka Farben (paints)

-Clay & Paint Factory (Cernit and darwi- modelling clay, paint and varnish)

-Bob Ross Inc.

-Lyra (F.I.L.A. Group brand)

-Royal & Langnickel


-Gerstaecker (house brand products)

-Boesner (house brand products)

-Zebra Pen



-Sakura through European Distributor Royal Talens; I did not find another direct contact address for the company.

Art Select








Source: Mail contact and companies’ websites


Company update and brands’ family tree time

Schjerning (paints): they are not interested at the vegan art sector at the moment.

Elmer’s: According to Newell’s customer service, they don’t use any animal or plant derivatives in their glues, adhesives and containers and they don’t test on animals. This was the answer to my second mail, in which I inquired about animal derivatives in the manufacturing process and animal testing carried out by themselves, their parent or sister companies and partners and that they do not commission other third parties to do so. I will leave it at that. So I want you to be your own judge about this.


When I elaborated my vegan friendly criteria, I also tweaked my standard inquiry form (I learnt it the hard way. I finally  made two standard inquiry forms that I only need to adapt for the individual company, after I wrote out the first twenty or thirty letters each single time (I hope it weren’t more, lesson learnt) and working my way through all their products and listing them in the inquiry. In the case of big distributors such as Gerstaecker and Boesner, it took me a while to sort out all their own brand products and I got unfortunately no reply.                              I also included  in my letter, the companies should be so kind to explicitly mention they being cruelty-free according to my criteria (The manufacturer does not test on animals or commissions other parties to do so, none of their parent and sister companies or any other partners test on animals or commission animal testing, none of their raw material suppliers and subsuppliers test on animals or commission animal testing, if there are other options.(According to the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA, animal testing has to be avoided if it is possible and has the goal to minimize animal testing for REACH. Lastly, there is no animal testing abroad for the manufacturer’s products to be sold abroad.)).
I adjusted my standard form letters a couple of times, in order to have everything covered and no loopholes left, for the companies and I to be understandable and to save time and effort; but still, companies like to tiptoe around this specific topic – animal testing.                               Although the answer was kind of repetitive and cryptical, I am still thankful that I got an answer from Newell for Elmer’s. I struggled before with those big corporations and already thought, what hassle I am in for writing to big business brands and I probably should not bother the try. I already wrote to Rotring about 2 months ago, and got no reply. And I learnt looking up Rotring, that it belongs to Newell Brands. They own a lot of brands, such as Prismacolor and Sharpie (I went a couple of times to the websites of those two and even started writing an inquiry, but then, what was the sense of it), Parker (fountain pens), Waterman, Elmers and non crafting/art brands such as e.g. Yankee Candle.                                   It is surprising and sad to see so many brands/manufacturers with up to  a couple of centuries’ old company history to be gulped down by a big  overshadowing human built structure.

During my “research”, if you want to call it so, I stumbled across several companies/ manufacturers that do belong to big companies, what I did not know before. With a lot of art supplies’ brands it is just like it is with the majority of fashion brands. And not all big companies are associated with negative stuff like animal testing, but big companies, which also own brands producing laundry detergent, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemical product manufacturing are, because concerning pharmaceuticals, there probably will be animal testing.                                                           There are big companies, which  might just have brands of a certain type, e.g. art supplies, but there are also big companies, which own a wide array of different brands, e.g. Newell Brands , Baiersdorf (Tesa – adhesives/glue, Nivea) and Henkel (Pritt glue). Baiersdorf was also mentioned by a company as their raw material supplier, but being part of the EU, REACH applies to them and also the guidelines of ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) to avoid animal testing and reduce animal testing. This is not much, but better than nothing, another but, they can always use those kind of testing results/data from their other branches.                 Overall, you probably know the big baddies out there.

To the companies and brands; Time for some brands’ family trees.

There are: ColArt- which is subsidiary of Lindéngruppen along the line, F.I.L.A. Group and Bolton Group, those are probably not all, but I stumbled upon them.

ColART (ColArt Group, subsidiary of AB Wilh. Becker, and in the end subsidiary of Lindéngruppen, nesting doll principle- a group in a group …): ColArt do not support animal testing (Colart Vegan Friendly Statement 28march2017); some brands of ColArt are: Winsor & Newton, Reeves, Lefranc Bourgeois, Liquitex, Conté à Paris and Arches.

F.I.L.A. Group– story time, little Nerchau was swallowed by Lukas in 2009,  in 2004Lukas developed the Bob Ross oil paints, then, Lukas was swallowed by the Daler Rowney Group which was swallowed by F.I.L.A Group. What a tale of eating and getting eaten, and yet another tale of nesting dolls; a group in a group, … ). Here are some of the F.I.L.A. Group’s brands: Lyra, Daler-Rowney, Canson, Giotto and Lukas.

Bolton Adhesives (Bolton Group) home of Bison, Griffon and Uhu. Uhu is vegan friendly (https://www.veganartstuff.info/2017/03/10/glue-products-by-uhu/). I have not yet inquired about the other companies.

Royal Talens (joined the Sikkens Group NV in 1963, in the 1970s  Sikkens was taken over by the AKZO group and Talens  became an AKZO subsidiary as well, until 1991. Since 1991 it belongs to the Sakura Color Products Corporation). Royal Talens’ own brands are: Talens, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Amsterdam, ArtCreation, Cobra and Ecoline. Royal Talens is European distributor of Sakura, and distributor of Schjerning, Strathmore and Bruynzeel (belongs to Sakura as well)

And lastly a little friendly fish: Golden Paints purchased Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors.

Faber-Castell is pretty much its own group, for its own brand. Some other independent  companies/manufacturers are Lascaux (paints from Switerland), Finetec (as in Finetec Pearcolors) and Hahnemühle (Paper), which kind of did a reverse thing; it once merged with  Schleicher & Schuell all the way back in 1902, in 1927 the latter owned Hahnemühle till it demerged in 2004, and was released back into the wild, being independent ever since.


Source: Mail contact, websites















Colart Vegan Friendly Statement 28march2017

Colart Vegan Friendly Statement March 2017