watercolour paint

Hello there,

I was just asked by a reader about watercolour paints and brushes. I am still waiting for updates on da Vinci brushes and Faber-Castell ones, but in the past (da Vinci in 2017, Faber-Castell in 2018) the 100% synthetic hair brushes should be free of animal ingredients, but again, I am waiting on an update. I am also waiting on information from Léonard, concerning their vegan labelled brush sets.

Watercolour options (with date stamps, when the information was gathered)

  • Faber-Castell options (information status April 2021)
        • Gelatos
        • watersoluble graphite aquarelle pencils
        • Art Grip aquarelle pencils
        • Albrecht Dürer watercolour marker
        • Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils
        • foldable watercup
        • Art & Graphic Water Brush
        • Goldfaber Aqua Watercolour Pencils
        • Creative Studio – watercolour paint in pans
        • watercolour starter set in tubes
        • Synthetic brushes (art. nr. 481600)
  • Kaia Natural Watercolor (2019; entry)
  • Qor watercolor with the exception of bone black (April 2018, entry)
  • Culture Hustle (March 2018, entry)

This is what I could think of at the moment. Clearly, I have to update a lot of information, and companies you might be missing here, please use the search box on this website for those and have a look. There are companies e.g. Maimeri and St.Petersberg/ Russian White Nights, that declined to reply (more then once), other company’s products might contain animal derivatives.

If you are not able to find art supply brushes, there is also the option of using vegan-friendly labelled make-up brushes. They should work for watercolours and pastels. I used a vegan kabuki brush in the past (it is still close by) as a duster brush to go over my drawings. I would be concerned about acrylic and oil paints, they might be to aggressive, so I cannot promise they would withstand those.