fried computer

For a bit over a week, my computer has unfotunately been out of order. In the beginning it said “CHCKDSK”. So I, non computer person, panicked, thinking it might be a virus, disconnected it from the power. Afterwards I found out on my family’s tablet that it means “check disk” and is not a hacker. I let it do its self-repairing thing and it worked fine for the rest of the day. My gut told me to save on an external hard disk, but no, my head voice went “meh, I’ll do it tomorrow”. And the latter was the one I went with. The next day came, and oh wonder (really,I was quite suprised), the computer wouldn’t have any of it. Just telling me 00000000 and then the screen went from black to blue to show me its advanced mode possibilities. I didn’t know what to do with that and the rescue cd,computer magazines kindly include once in a while, just did nothing. My brother, the computer genius in the family, couldn’t save it. He ordered some new wires and hard disks and will have some one-on-one time with the now gutted tower (I had to put one wall back up, because the napping cat’s ear was sticking in the tower; no worries though, I unplugged everything beforehand, Teddy was never in danger). The last time I saved computer stuff on an external hard disk was three weeks ago. So it wasn’t the worst news for everything else, but it sucked for the work on my compendium. I already had put several hours into it. I was working through all my company correspondence, to add all company summaries to the compendium. There are about 150 companies, I have written to.  The computer wiz will have a try to safe what he can, but until then, there will be some restrictions. Unfortunately  I cannot access my email accounts, which means I am not able to read and reply to your mails. I hope everything will be back to normal  next month.