company update: new and second time inquiries

I just sent out three new inquiries, of which two are second tries, and I hope the companies will respond this time.

Elmer’s my first try; inquired about their glues, adhesives and paint markers; on their site they state that there are no animal derived ingredients in their glues

Marabu (paints), my second try but this time specified; I inquired about following products: Creabox Creapaste, Creabox Mix & Create WAX, Marabu Basic Acryl acrylic paint, Creabox Professional Acyrlic Paint, Creabox Design Glitter, Creabox Design Marker, Creabox magnetic paint, Creabox Creacolor acrylic paint, Creabox Design Metallic paints, Creabox blackboard paint, Marabu Textile Spray

Lukas (paints); second try, but specified: Lukas Cryl Studio acrylic paints, Nerchau Patina, Nerchau Pastes: Granit, Graphite, Gold, Fine Sand and Grit; and I inquired about Bob Ross oil colours, since Lukas developed those in 2004 and Bob Ross Inc. did not respond to my direct inquiry over a month ago.

Again, I hope this time, I will get a response.