company update

A couple of days ago inquired to these three companies:

  • C.Kreul about: -Javana and other Fabric Paint supplies, art potch, photo transfer potch, Hobby Line synthetic resin lacquer, Solo Goya varnish, fixative and acrylic paints and markers, chalk paints and gemstone glue; I have been using Javana Fabric paints for over a decade now, and before purchasing following products, I got the information back then, that they were vegan, in the meaning of the products not containing any animal derivatives: Javana Fabric Paints, art potch, photo transfer potch Hobby Line synthetic resin lacquer, glossy and matte.   Except the new series of chalk paint, I own all of the products I inquired about this time, so I hope it makes it easier for the Company to answer this time after they did not respond to my last inquiry over a month ago.                                                                                                                                                   Sidenote: I don’t think I am going to hear back from any of the other companies and distributors I have written to over a month ago. So those you see actually listed here, are the meagre harvest of my efforts.
  • Schjerning: Paints from Denmark; I inquired about fabric paints and sprays, and vintage acrylic colours
  • Deco Art: they replied once back yet and I am waiting for an update. All their paint products don’t contain animal derivatives according to them, and their products are not tested on animals. I wrote back, whether that also includes no animal derivatives during the manufacturing process.