better elaborated vegan friendly and cruelty-free guidlines

The information I received yesterday (see last two entries), kept me relentlessly awake and still bothers me (required animal testing outside the EU).

For this reason I wrote all my already listed companies again and I elaborated my vegan and cruelty-free guidlines. So here they are again:

A product can be considered vegan, if the entire product itself does not contain animal ingredients, byproducts/ derivatives and none of those are used in the manufacturing process. The manufacturer does not test on animals or commissions other parties to do so, none of their parent and sister companies or any other partners test on animals or commission animal testing, none of their raw material suppliers and subsuppliers test on animals or commission animal testing, if there are other options. (According to the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA, animal testing has to be avoided if it is possible and has the goal to minimize animal testing for REACH. Lastly, there is no animal testing abroad for the manufacturer’s products to be sold abroad.)

By “entire product”, all parts of the product are meant, e.g. the ink and its jar it is contained in, the body and nibs of a marker, a pencil’s wooden body as well as lacquer/ print on it.

I hope this version will clarify my future inquiries.